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By Abigail Bailey, Daughter-in-Law of Client

“I would like to express my appreciation for the help Aging Life Care Management has been in my legal guardianship of my family member. With Aging Life Care Management acting as the Conservator for my ward,  I am able to concentrate on her medical care without having to worry about her financial issues.I have the greatest respect and appreciation for the services of everyone at Aging Life Care Management.

Thank you so much for your help and that of your entire staff during this stressful time for my family.”

By T. Harris, Nephew of Client

“Aging Life Care Management has enabled me to manage my 83 year old uncle’s care while living 2000 miles away. I have worked with Aging Life Care Management for three years.   They have overseen my  uncle’s needs as they have progressively increased, arranged for everything from more suitable doctors to home cooked meals, to trainers to transport needs after he could no longer drive.  Diplomatic skills have been needed to bridge differences with my uncle’s 90 something wife.  When heart surgery was  required, the care manager was on the scene all day and well into the night.  Having Aging Life Care Management as a partner has given me comfort and surely improved my uncle’s well being.”

By JRW, Brother of Client

“My father and my brother wanted to stay in the family home; but, their age and medical problems required more support than I could provide.  Aging Life Care Management provided the necessary support including financial management, home maintenance, in-home assistance, eventual transfer of my father to assisted living, monitoring of the health and well-being of both men, and arranging for legal assistance. Aging Life Care Management is professional, compassionate, courteous and trustworthy.  They have allowed both my father and my brother to live their lives as they wished for as long as it was possible.”

By R. Miller, Son of Client

“When your trust needs to go beyond the family, it’s not simple. Since the death of my mother six years ago, Aging Life Care Management stepped up and earned my trust the old school way…  They have been the strong thread woven into my father’s blanket of care. Besides developing a personalized plan to manage his fiduciary needs within a fixed income, at the forefront is their commitment to help maintain his sense of independence and security. Aging Life Care Management has the balance of experience and compassion necessary to meet all of the many challenges our elderly parents must face today.  Nancy Arp has done remarkable job as my eyes and ears from far away. Owner, Nancy Oriola has worked tirelessly to develop this amazing team at Aging Life Care Management that is committed to a level of quality I don’t believe could be met by any another. Thank you.”